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We Are Accepting Submissions!

Under the aegis of his production company, Blackstaar Entertainment Productions, Julian is looking for new television series, feature-length theatrical projects and scripts, reality based series, original documentary projects and pitch ideas for film projects.

The script submission process for Blackstaar Entertainment Productions is a three-step process:

  1. Submit your story’s logline, synopsis and other information using the form below.

  2. If we’re interested in your story, then we’ll request your completed and properly-formatted script.

  3. If we decide to move forward with your script, then we’ll make you an offer to option it.


Take your time when filling out the form below. We’re expecting a flood of submissions, so make sure your submission is engaging, well-written and compelling. If we decide to read your script after reviewing your submission, then we’ll contact you directly either by phone or email. You’ll be asked to sign a “submission and release waiver” before we can read your script.

Please keep in mind the following when submitting:

  • Failure to follow this process will disqualify your submission for consideration.

  • We are unable to respond to each submission individually.

  • Blackstaar Entertainment Productions reserves the right to change its script submission process at its discretion. In the event changes are made, Blackstaar Entertainment Productions will post any such changes for review on its website.

JulianVanBellinghen is a Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Unit Production Manager (UPM), Line Producer, and On-Air Personality/Actor.  His calling card is his visceral and gritty brand of film making that pulses with excitement and energy.  He works under his production company, Blackstaar Entertainment Productions, now located in Dallas, TX.

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