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JulianVanBellinghen is a Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Unit Production Manager (UPM), Line Producer, and On-Air Personality/Actor.  His calling card is his visceral and gritty brand of film making that pulses with excitement and energy.  He works under his production company, Blackstaar Entertainment Productions, now located in Dallas, TX.

330 Days is an historical depiction of the Iraq War as seen through the eyes of those deployed on the ground in Iraq.  It allows civilians an authentic glimpse into the chaos and comradeship in the midst of battle.

There is little need for words because the images speak volumes about the total barbarity of war!

Uncut & uncensored, 330 Days; The Uncensored War in Iraq captures personal narratives of the heroes who fought in Iraq and delivers the graphic truth about war that provokes controversy and public discussion.

At Time Square - Jumbotron 7th Avenue & 43rd Street, NYC

Never before have civilians been able to appreciate a soldiers perspective of the military campaign in Iraq.  

Powerful images of war, from suffering and death to courage and freedom, this Press Kit will show the tip of the iceberg that was the Iraq War as written in 330 Days: The Uncensored War in Iraq.  The book brings the reader to the front lines, revealing the evocative images of warfare.

Future Plans:

330 DAYS: BLUE COLLAR IRAQ, captures the most jaw dropping move of modern warfare – Th e deployment of a massive, untrained-for-combat Civilian Support Group to directly back an invading Military Force on foreign soil in a war zone – Julian saw a chance to tell an incredibly epic story to the public and explore a facet of the Iraq War that has NEVER BEEN TOUCHED UPON AND REPORTED ON BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TO DATE, the story of the Military Contractors who kept the machine of war running while working side by side with the Soldiers of the war. Julian seeks to finish this documentary which he shot in 2004 in the Combat Zone during his time as an embedded Contractor with Haliburton.

1st - A Documentary Film

2nd - A Feature Theatrical Film

The story of the Military Contractors in Iraq is so deep and unique that a book and documentary do not sufficiently begin to explore the most epic and incredibly unreported story of the last 20 years. Julian wants to fully realize the project’s potential power, so the Feature Film, ‘330 DAYS’ will round off the overall franchise and property nicely with a great opportunity for revenue generation, whether it is shot as an Independent or a Major Studio film. The secret to the success of this portion of the project will be in how we “Show them the Money” and what it actually takes to get the $100,000 tax-free payday in a War Zone.

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