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JulianVanBellinghen is a Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Unit Production Manager (UPM), Line Producer, and On-Air Personality/Actor.  His calling card is his visceral and gritty brand of film making that pulses with excitement and energy.  He works under his production company, Blackstaar Entertainment Productions, now located in Dallas, TX.

Julian is the owner of Blackstaar Entertainment Productions in New York City & Dallas, and is a long time veteran of the Film and Television Production industry.

Julian brings a wealth of resources to each project he produces or directs.  His last television series, CITY OF MERCY, in which he held the role of Unit Production Manager, Special Consultant, and Show Runner to the Producers is considered a legitimate contender for Hollywood and Network TV, as he brought this acclaimed series to life through his invaluable facets of resources such as Production Services, Financing as well as Entertainment and Legal Representation.

As well as being a Film Producer, Julian is also a legitimately Published Author.  He authored/edited 2 books as of late, both books on current events titled; “330 DAYS” and “THE LONGEST WAR”.  Inasmuch, Julian’s list of film and television credits are extensive both behind the scenes as well as a Performing Artist.  His most recent projects are two shows he wrote and developed for Hollywood, tentatively titled; “ART HANDLERS” and “e-MOTIONS”. He also came on board as a Unit Production Manager for 2 additional films, titled; “25 CENTS TO PARADISE” and “TENACIOUS BUTTERFLY”. 

Julian has a relationship with Discovery International and is currently signed to a major Production House and Distributor in Los Angeles.  He resides in Dallas, Texas.


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